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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
An ISF with 500 hp would have been a M3 killer. Now with the M3 pricing, the ISF is relegated instantly to an also ran.

Aside from the straight-line performance, what is the ISF really offering? It doesn't even have a proper manual transmission! (in the form of a true manual or SMG type).

Stick these cars on a track, I know which car I would take.....

Mr. Lexus what are the selling points for the ISF? What? Faster? Better engineering? More nimble? Brand Premium?
Are you serious, 500hp for the IS-F does'nt make any sense, i'm sure they can but why. The LF-A is only going to make 550hp. How do you know how it's going to do in the track. The current 8 speed tranny is one of the quickest on the market right now in terms of manual shifting and If it works for Mercedes and other high perfomance supercars why not Lexus. Can you at least try to answer my question, how is 420hp with 350lbs-ft of torque and is able to propel a 3800lbs car to 60 in 4.2 and 1/4 mile in 12.7 to be considered weak? BTW, a 500hp ISF will not make an M3 killer, not even the 550hp CTS-V. That's how good the M3 and BMW is, they are way ahead of the game but the competition is growing and learning.