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So now you're saying that a car company has to win a F1 before they can compete or start making high performance cars. Please tell me you're kidding right?

Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
PLease tell me the number of F1 wins Toyota has had since they started. OK how about podium finishes? I am not saying Toyota shouldn't try....just come with better weapons next time. Can't wait to see the 2 heads up on a road course.

A 5.0 liter engine? See what BMW or Porsche can do with that..... The engine is heavy and slow to rev.
So this means that the 5.7 from the Vette with 400hp or 430hp now is also mediocre in comparison. And that also applies to the 6.3 liter from the C63 that only makes 450hp. That's like saying the 3.0 from the 335i is a lesser engine because it took 2 turbos to make as much as the IS350 with a NA 3.5 V6. Let me give you a hint, almost any major car manufacturer can make any type of engine that they want with whatever hp they want as well. And another thing, the 4.8 from the BMW 650 only makes 360hp because they designed it that way. Just like Lexus chose the 5.0 with lots of torque instead of a high revving smaller engine because they wanted to go that route instead and they can. For another example, the 93' Supra Turbo with 3.0 liter L6 was making 320hp, that was 15yrs ago, way before the M3 broke the 300hp mark in Europe. The 6.5 V12 with 640hp from the Murcielago is not a lesser engine compare to the ZR1's 6.2 V8 with 620hp. I can go on and on with this, my point is your logic is really flawed and weak.

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