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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
Nice Try Lexus! Better ruck next time.

BMW just trashed your whole effort with the pricing. Had you come with a car that was better than a fast Camry, you may have a had a shot at this segment.

Can't wait to see the magazine camparison when Lexus IS-F finishes 3rd to the 1st place M3 and second place C63.

** Shouldn't be so cocky next time and hire a "reporter" to do an ISF vs. M3 review
Wow, i did'nt see this coming. What reporter did they hire, if it was that promotional video that you are talking about, that was'nt really a comparison test. It was more like a commercial or like i said a promotional video. Nobody won in that video. Now in terms of the pricing, granted the base price of the e90 is cheaper, but if you look at the option pricing, then it becomes apparent that they are both very close and almost equal. With leather, the e90 price is $56,025 and the IS-F is $56,000.

M3 e90 and e92:

* Base Price: $56,000
* Voice-activated DVD Navigation System: $2,550
* DVD Navigation System/Mark Levinson® Premium Audio System Package: $3,990
* Pre-Collision System (PCS) and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: $2,850
* Intuitive Parking Assist: $500
* Headlamp washers: $100