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Originally Posted by T Bone View Post
Flawed for the road? I don't think you are saying that. As a dedicated track car sure but so is the M3 and any car that weighs more than 3000 pounds.
I'm saying for both Street and Track combined.

M5 = iDrive + bucking SMG, or manual + electronic restrictions. However, I'm hard pressed to come up with a better sedan, all around, street + track. I don't think it's $40K+ better than a tuned 335i, I'd much rather have a dedicated track car.

M6 = Heavy, iDrive, styling (to many), no faster than a stock 335i around most tracks, too many other great cars in the 2 seater around $100K segment (i.e. 911, Blue Devil, GT-R, AM for style, etc..)

The M3 is also overrated, imho, but can redeem itself somewhat if the price stays under $65K well equipped.