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Originally Posted by footie View Post
You assume a lot, don't you.

I reckon I do know a little about weight balance and what effect it has on the handling of any car, but especially awd cars. But as we are not here to discuss Audis only M5 or M6 lets talk about them, with so much weight over the nose these two will understeer more than any other M car, period but because they have so little weight over the rear and so much power on tap that oversteer is again more readily available than any other M car. They are point and squirt machine, not a true M car in the true sense of the word. If nothing else Porsche has shown that if you have to have a lot of weight over one of the two axles than it's best to have it over the one which drives the wheels.

But this thread is about which is best of the two and based on their respective ring times the M6 is the most over-priced machine when a four version with a lot of extra weight and inferior tyres can all but match it's time. Clearly the winner is the M5, hands down.
You really have no clue what you are talking about. Tell me where you have driven an M5 or M6 on the track. You lost all credibility by trying to say tires are just an afterthought.

If you want to talk about overpriced machines, let's talk about your overpriced Passat that is the S5.

Go to a track where we can make BMW humiliation of Audi complete.
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