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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Wrong, a well design chassis will make more of a difference than the tyres on their own. Even on a track as long as the ring the difference between the M5 and M6 was only 4 seconds, with one using CUP tyres (M6) and the other high performance road tyres (M5).

The M5 and M6 both suffer from too much frontal weight, their weight balance is 55/45% I believe which doesn't help matters when their is over 500hp going to the rear. The best M car ever was the E30 M3 and it's weight balance when more to the rear where the driven wheels where (a better designed chassis).
Are you serious?

Footie, if anyone knows about chassis and weight distribution, it is YOU.
I mean, just look at the weight distribution/chassis of Audis. Great!

You sure do have a lot of opinions for a guy who never tracks his car.

Tires are one of the best "mods" for your car.