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Originally Posted by Epacy View Post
Yes, I saw that site. Hence, my comment about I can't read it.
Translation from are friends at Google: [But 420hp?]

(Fresh) Air Force
The summer is coming - and at BMW is already a suitable cooling unit in the starting blocks. At the Detroit Motor Show, the Bavaria open M3. With 420 hp, thick cheeks and the first seven-speed double-clutch gearbox in the world

They are M3 collector? Congratulations! A nice hobby. A little expensive, maybe. And very space intensive. Did still a double garage to the current M3 offer (coupe and sedan) to store dry, it must with the launch of the M3 convertible but was larger.

The corresponding target group can live with it and can be one of the toughest four-seater open look, ever in Germany on the wheels is made. The convertible combines the raw brutality of 420 hp and the enjoyment of a convertible with a folding metal roof. The latter know friends of the regular 3-convertibles already. The tin lid disappears when not in use in only 22 seconds behind the rear seats.

Foot dug: The V8 under the Power Dome will have large air vents with breathing air, the rest is pure M3. The bottom confident Power Dome on the hood resides a V8 beast, its full force only at extremely high speeds from the Brennräumen bruises. Like all other versions also M3 convertible buyers have 420 hp and a torque of 400 Newton metres to manage. That would be sufficient to 5.3 seconds with 100 km / h to be underway. Coupe drivers create the 0.4 seconds faster. Their athletes, however, also 230 pounds less drag. Here Karosserieversteifungen demand and the roof folding their toll.

The sorrow over the lost tenths likely to the rear seats but within narrow limits. Rear sit M3 is not a pleasure. At least not if the driver wants to have his fun. Missing even then the roof, it is not only the fund closely, but still very draughty.

Quick switch: With the Cabrio also witnessed the seven-speed double-clutch gearbox its world premiere course must also Fresh Air disciples not to the usual M3 driving dynamics systems forgo. The rear axle gear with the variable M Differential equipped, if necessary up to a 100-percent Sperrmoment building. She responds to the speed difference between the right and left rear, thus ensuring optimum traction on all road surfaces. Especially ambitious driver can on the MDrive button on the steering wheel several vehicle dynamics parameters individually configure, and the reactions of M3 their personal preferences. For motor control are three maps to choose from, well, the response of the selected Servotronic steering support.

Who convertible pounds despite a few tenths of savings will have to retrofit. The most attractive solution: The first seven-speed double-clutch gearbox in the world, the convertible to start in all versions M3 catchment holds. The "M DKG", the new system is the successor to the legendary SMG transmission, switching from 1996 to import best times.

Apart from seventh gear, the idea is not new. At VW and Audi for years can be a double-clutch gearbox (DSG) order - but only for significantly weaker engines. The benefits are not just for sports rider (no traction force interruption, eleven different driving programs) on the hand. With the M DKG shrinking consumption. Stately 0.5 litres less BMW promises in the use of the double clutch system. The price we all are guaranteed to stop the air. If he then announced. So far, there is also on this theme Munich nothing to report.

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