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Originally Posted by BellasBmw
And did you guys hear about that contact lens thats coming out?
The contacts filter out specific wavelengths of light such as blue so that players can track pitched balls better. These contacts have already been out for years.

Golf players love to use them - they allow them to see slopes and grades much, much better with better accuracy and precision.

In regards to Bonds, what a total shame. It's not news that he's pompous, arrogant, and pugnacious - everybody already knows that. It's a true shame, however, that he has let down hordes of Bay Area fans.

I can't blame him, though - the steroids probably got to him. I don't expect him to live much most heavy steroid users live rather short lives.

I wonder if Aaron or Ruth ever used steroids or performance enhancing drugs now...

That's why I
I'm sorry about my outlandish behavior - there's too much blood in my alcohol system.