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Originally Posted by footie View Post

When did I include either the RS4 or the S5 in my comments, I agree that unless the track suited the RS4 the M6 will be a bit quicker and as for the S5, it wouldn't even be in the reckoning.

All of the above variables only play a smaller roles next to weight, if the chassis is well designed and balanced then everything else falls into place. This is what making the cars I mentioned before so great for track work.

A little Catherham has less than half the M6's power but it would totally destroy it on the track, so power isn't that important.

The GT2 and GT3RS wouldn't be classed as having the engine in the best place but like the Caterham they too will destroy the M6 on the track, so weight balance isn't that important either.

And finally the tyres, well yeah they can make a big difference but unless it's a well designed chassis the difference they make will be less, so again it all comes down to how well the dynamics of the car has been designed and only the smaller M cars come close to achieving this goal and it's all to do with weight.
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