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Originally Posted by footie View Post
And finally the tyres, well yeah they can make a big difference but unless it's a well designed chassis the difference they make will be less, so again it all comes down to how well the dynamics of the car has been designed and only the smaller M cars come close to achieving this goal and it's all to do with weight.

Not to try to engage in a discussion about who has a longer e-penis but tires are by far the biggest influence on a street car's performance. There is no other mod that even comes close to improving a street cars performance.

The subject of this thread was M5 vs. M6. Neither car is shabby on a track. If you choose, the M6 will be faster around a track. Also, this tangent started when people compared the M6 to other cars on a track. The M6 will not beat a Miata around a tight track but will more than hold its own against M3s and others.
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