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Originally Posted by shipill View Post
M6 - M5 = M1

M1 + M5 = M6

M6 + M1= M7

M7 - M1= M6

Where the hell is the M3??

Originally Posted by OverDrive View Post
not really, if you've seen the top gear review, the M6 became last around the track against the 997 CS and the aston vantage. I guess the M5 would be able to deliver that wnormous power better than the M6.

If you track, there is no ideal car for every track.
  • Miata's are almost untouchable in 1st -2nd gear courses / autocrosses
  • M3s and 911s are great for 2nd - 3rd gear courses
  • Vettes / GTs including the M6 do well in 3rd - 4th gear courses (like Spa / Mosport etc)
Do I care if a Miata kicks M6 butt around an autocross course?? Absolutely not because he has to drive the car in public!
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