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Originally Posted by drvai View Post
The vette may be faster, but it's not as refined, or as nice to drive as the M3. It only has 2 seats and it's much less daily-driver friendly. Apart from that, even though I don't find that the car is ugly, it's too much shouty and cheese. (kind of vulgar in this days).

That's why it has lost market Vs the european models, even though it's a bargain (performance Vs speed). I really think it's a great car, specially now that they offer the option for full leather interior, but I wouln't buy a vette over a BMW, Audi, MB or other european cars.
I agree, but to get the same performance would cost so much more to buy say a

1. R8
2. 911 GT3 or Carrerra S
3. Aston Martin

I must say though the new GTR is very tempting, but I say it'll take 1 1/2 years before the price gouging subsides.

and while the vette is not as refined, it's does drive well and one hell of a performer. and is very good looking, and it is fun to pull on E63's, M5's, 911's, and 360 Modenas