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Originally Posted by pdjafari View Post
^^corvette fan boy here. i highly doubt the z06 will beat a gtr in the 1/4 mile. Traction is most important in the first few seconds and the gtr will have the z06 beat dry/wet etc. However, after around 60-80mph the z06 will pull but by then the 1/4 is already over
I just have to say, you are calling Carnage a "fan boy" but then you make a response like the one above, that CLEARLY shows you know nothing about drag racing and have never been to one yourself.

1/4 mile is already over by 60-80 mph.

LOL, dude in those cars with that power, you haven't even hit the 1/8th mile yet. By 80 mph the 1/4 mile race wouldn't even be 1/3rd the way through yet.