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Originally Posted by OBI_agent View Post
600hp+RWD.....aint a good formula...!

Well it is once rolling.

Considering the ZO6 and Viper are both RWD and have between 505-600 hp they both rip to 60 in about 3.5 seconds and get through the 1/4 mile in low 11's @ 125+ mph.

The ZR1 will probably be a high 10's @ 130 mph car stock.

Stock for stock the GT-R doesn't have a chance if the ZR-1 driver learns to launch his car well.
Sure the GT-R will probably get 1-2 CL's ahead at the launch because of it's launch control and AWD, but then the ZR-1 will be coming hard and walk right on by as triple digits approach.

Though, since the ZR-1 is $30K more it's not comparable.
The ZO6 is in the same price range, but even it, when rolling will pass the GT-R.

ZO6 is trapping 125 on average and up to 127 mph.
The GT-R will probably be a 120 mph average car with 122 on the high side.

Keep in going up to 150 and the ZO6 will just keep pulling away as it's NA RWD and 600 or so lighter and more aerodynamics go to work.

GT-R is a badass car, and will be a mod monster, but so is the ZO6 and the ZR-1 will be too.