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Wow, sick, they are doing it and at 550hp . As I mentioned earlier this is going to be really tough to fit into their lineup in terms of both power and price. Interior and seats do look pretty nice. If it comes in priced under the M3 it could be much more of a threat than I thought initially.

I have seen weight estimated at 4200 lbs. That makes the lb/hp comparison at:

CTS-V: 7.6 lb/hp
M3: 8.8 lb/hp (using 414 hp)

A whopping 14% advantage to the Caddy.

Lucids N'Ring regression analysis predicts the 400 hp CTS-V based on its weight and power getting a 8:15 N'Ring time, actual is 8:19. Running the new CTS-V predicts a 8:01 lap time. I'm sure they will shoot for a sub 8 minute time and best the M3 (MT at least)

Competition = yeah. Too bad they won't do a 2 dr...