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SMG owners - downshift blipping?

Drove an '04 SMG the other day, mint condition, 21K miles, loaded. I noticed when downshifting it wouldn't blip the throttle from third to second. Being excited and high on 2 Redbulls, I dont remember if it was blipping into first either. It sort of felt like downshifting with a normal tiptronic; downshift and you can feel the transmission sort of slow the car down but no blip. I was expecting to pull the downshift paddle, have a nice rev match and engage into the previous gear. It would select the previous gear, but wouldn't engage until I pressed the gas. Perhaps it needs a software update?

I've been in the same year 330i with SMG I and it had crazy downshift blips! I also tried changing the gear changes to S5 and even tried S6 briefly but wasn't really paying attention to the blipping in S6 because it was raining out, and RWD + rain + not my car I didn't want to crash the beautiful M3.

Kind of dissapointed in that, but very happy with the other aspects of SMG II. Considering all the negative shit people say about it, I found it a great piece of machinery.