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Originally Posted by AB Tek 818 View Post
Every thread I've seen pop up about has been deleted. I do not see anywhere in the site rules that states we are not allowed to discuss other websites. I for one am getting pretty tired of he biase$ you (Mark and Jason) are displaying lately. This issue, as well as a handful of others. This is not an attack, I'd just like some kind of explanation as to whats been going on lately...
If you search the terry related threads in off-topic you'll see plenty of references to If a thread such as yours is started in the Forced Induction forum (which is for technical discussions) then it will be closed/deleted/moved (as others started in that forum have).

Members are free to reference other websites. Do you see references to bimmerforums/fest or other websites deleted? However, if members are creating threads or posts merely to say "visit" then that constitutes spam. Spam is not tolerated here, regardless of the site that it links to.

Finally, some people really need to dispense with their anti-JB conspiracy theories. Do you see any threads/posts discussing the technical aspects of JB being censored in the FI forum? I can answer that - NO.
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