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Originally Posted by M3This View Post
Thats more then the old ones .... the old ones where 50ish starting ... so I bumped it 5K

the thing is it isnt a Z06 ... so it wont compete with z06 Sales
Yeh, I know that it wont compete with Z06 sales but still....550hp+ recaro seats+upgraded interior+Upgraded chassis+body kit+Automatic gearbox(optional) adds up to more then Z06 price.

And if I remember correctly, the last CTS-V was just a corvette engine upgrade. Over here in the middle east, we already use to get the LS1 in a Lumina SS(upcoming G8 in USA,commodre ss in Australia).....So i guess, the last cts-v didn't need much testing because the engine was already tested out on other sedans or so(Caprice SS too, I dunno the australian name).

Anyway, I will be really surprised if it's around 55 or 65k.....I would definitely try to get one then...550hp ain't no joke!