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Originally Posted by NavNurs View Post
With an unknown timeframe until delivery of an M3 causing an unknown dent in my money market account, I was wondering about paint protection.

Has anyone had experience with the 3M products which stick to a car and deflect stones and morons with over-extended car doors? Jet Black is my color of choice and would allow every door ding and errant stone to leave an obvious mark.

A colleague just had a kit applied to his 535 for $1300!! This seems a bit excessive to me. Is it possible to have similar results with home application? Does it actually workas expected? Is it worth $1300?

Yes, GOOG presents sporadic information on this topic. My interest is the views of those on this board. Thanks!
In my experience, Clearbra works as advertised... it will protect the covered areas (hood, fenders and bumpers at least) from most of the small stone impacts. Large or simply strong stone impacts will go thru the film, though...

Clearbra is pretty much invisible, only by really paying attention to the edges is that anybody will notice it; there is no paint discoloration if the film is removed/replaced after years of installation either.

The main trick of the Clearbra is installation, installation, installation. Everything that I stated before will go out of the door if the installation is just mediocre... and you will find plenty of "installers" that will mess up the film and even your car finish if you are not careful in chosing the right person for this. From wrinkles in the film to edges that just can't stay in the edges, there are plenty of ways of having wasted hundred of dollars and hours of your time for nothing...

My recommendation is to find out who at your chosen dealership is doing their Clearbra installations, check his/her jobs, ask around for personal experiences/any complains and then get that person to do your car if you like what you see and hear outside your dealership for the best price...