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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
For one, the fuel demand did not quadrupple (SP?) in last 5 years, the price (here) did. Obviously he's loving it.
Plus, he did nothing else in 7+ years because he was "too busy" fixing Iraq... Must be great to be a CEO of a corporation that has 15 departments, but you only focus on one and the rest completely deteriorates...
Letís clear up some of the nonsense you spew, and talk about facts Ö first, itís quadruple. It stands for 4 times. The average cost of gas in February of 2003 was $1.60. That would mean if it quadrupled, it would be $6.40 per gallon.

You donít look to smart when you post Ö.

You show so much hatred and venom Ö itís sad you go through life that way. The loons on the left say they are the compassionate ones, so where does all the hatred come from? Letís remember, you now have that great democratic run Congress and Senate that has the lowest approval rating of all time. Tell me what they have done in 2 years?? You must be proud of Harry and Nancy. Why donít you take some of your hatred, and turn it into some positive energy Ö you would be much happier in life!