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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Completely RIDICULOUS and heartless!
I would completely agree if you said that not everyone should drive the best car ou there, but that you don't believe that everyone should have the access to the best possible medical treatment is a plain nonsence. WHat about pre-existing conditions that were not the outcome of bad food, smoking or lack of exercise? What about the baby born with a defect to parents that work at local grocery stores???

If you think our medical system is better (or more preferrable to you) than Canadian -- please explain -- What happens to your medical coverage IF you get really sick, i.e. cannot work any more? Or if you get laid off??? What happens to your wife, to "your" new born baby?
Also, if you do not get med coverage through employment, but apply by yourself -- what happens if you have a pre-existing condition? Will you get the coverage? Will you be able to afford the coverage?

Will your insurance cover for you if you wish to go to France for the procedure instead in the USA (within the network)? Canadian will!

ANd that all is PPO stuff. What if you have an HMO? Will you get pre-approved for the procedure as preventive care? Most likely not! I had an HMO a few years back and went to nutricionist to consult with them because I have diabetes and HBP running in my family. My numbers are great, but I am at risk of genetically developing both. The insurance did not want to pay for the preventive care. It was cheap, so OK, I cannot even imagine more complex things...

Yep, they would rather spend thousands when you develop the desease that was probably preventable, then they would dump you and the end (you have pre-existing condition for the next guy)...

What is so great about our medical system as it is? Sure, we do have great doctors with great equipment and most of the time you can get in within reasonable time (though try to get derm appt in FL -- some areas 8-month wait). But the other countries (Canada, France, Germany, Taiwan, China, Japan, India -- ones that I (or someone close to me) experienced medical treatment with have it too.

I completely agree on a capitalistic approach to businesses, trade, etc...but medical treatment is a complete nonsence. We get equalized to our wallets and receive a type of medicsal attention according to our wealth. That is simply ridiculous in today's world. And our Gov't goes accross the world to "help some other oppressed country" get rid of dictators and make their lives better, but the basic stuff like medical and education are PURE business here instead of necessity. It is a HealthCARE that you get cared about only if you're either NOT sick or wealthy...
two points on which I agree - gaps in coverage must be fixed, and pre-exsiting conditions must be addressed.

I wouldn't mind seeing a gov't backed safety net that anyone w/o employer-backed medical coverage could join, but it would be similar to the coverage you go buy on your own. Group all the people together that go buy coverage on their own, and give them the buying power to lower the premium. It'll still be expensive, but until we address the cost, that won't change under ANY program.

As long as this country continues to support politicians (dem and rep) that support the current status quo on tort law, not much will change in health care costs. If people want to fix the costs, they need to vote for people that will fix tort law first. Yes, bad doctors need to be sued out of practice, but people also need to realize they are human. Mistakes will happen, and a reasonable penalty is acceptable, but the 7 and 8 figure settlements are w/o basis. These plaintiffs were never going to make that much in a lifetime, so why give them that for a jury award? The damn leach attorney takes 1/3 of it anyway! In the states that cap jury awards, malpractice is coming back in line, physicians are returning to practices, and costs are coming down or at least holding flat.

Back to the "safety net" health insurance - I'm not talking about the Cadillac coverage that used to be so widely available. Even my coverage now is nothing compared to what my parents had back in the day, but it's also grown so incredibly in cost, it's out of hand. I work for a company in the Dow30, and we have relatively good health coverage. I work here in part becuase of that.

I don't believe that we as a country can afford the best care we have to offer for everyone. What you omit is that much of that care that is beyond the common person is also rationed in Canada and Europe. Rationing of care happens here too, and that won't change. I also don't think it should. Take that little girl that Edwards likes to tout in his campaign speach against the current system. She had leukemia, and even with the liver transplant had only a 65% chance of living 6 mos. That liver should go to someone with a better prognosis, where it could be of more use. Besides, where the hell were they going to get a liver (when Cigna originally denied the claim) fast enough to help her???? That waiting list is in mos and years, not days and hours.

BTW, to get into that gov't backed safety net for medical coverage, you should have to pass a drug test. I had to pass one to earn my paycheck to pay the taxes that pay for those programs. If you can't pass a basic drug test, you obviously aren't hurting that badly for the money. Also, no full-blown cable package, no cell phone and nix the other ridiculous luxuries that so many "people in need" seem to have when they walk into the ED. It makes me sick. They purchase shit I couldn't even think about, but can't seem to afford even w/ a doctor and engineer income. But then again, the gov't isn't paying my rent and my grocery bill either.

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