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Originally Posted by Crimson92 View Post
well ive owned both and i can say that the Z is no slouch...not faster than a 335 but quicker around the twisties.

i dunno about the is350 just looks slow to me
I agree with you about the Z. I've been in a 07 350z and it's a quick car, no doubt. I think stock for stock, it would be a drivers race.

I will try to race my friends stock 07 350z with my 335 in stock mode. we'll get it on camera. Should be interesting.

I drove an IS350 for quite a bit and it's a quick car fro a stop, but it felt like after 70-80mph it lost most of its power. And the handling was good at average speeds, but once you start pushing the car to the felt really unstable and stressed out. Also, didn't like the way the breaks felt. Very mechanical. No feel. No soul.