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Originally Posted by xxballinboi786 View Post
if motivation is what you need, theres nothing better than a little friendly "competition"...its what i always turn to when i feel like im losing my motivation...its basically 2 or more people within the same height/weight range setting a time period in which they can see a number of things...the competition can be anything from who lifts the most at the end, who has added/lost the most weight at the end, or who looks the best at the end...i usually go with the last one
You have no idea how bad I wish I had someone to do that with. Unfortunately I'm in a small private school and don't have a comparable buddy, let alone any other kid for that matter, who is somewhat comparable. Most of the kids in my grade don't work out. It pretty much're either fat, skinny, or somewhat lean. There's no one person that looks sorta ripped, no really big guys, and no really fat guys. It's pretty funny.
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