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Originally Posted by i_go_to_rutgers View Post
I try to eat clean but the bulk of my diet consists of things that have lots of protein. Here is a list of foods that are considered "clean"....

The key is to eat lots of meals throughout the day....instead of having that traditional "breakfast, lunch, dinner" schedule. I try to shoot for 8 meals a day but when I say meal it doesn't mean a full plate of food. A meal can be a protein drink or even 10 almonds.

90% of what you look like is contributed to food, not lack of exercise. "you are what you eat"

egg whites.
oatmeal, real shit. NOT f'n quaker.
yogurt, low sugar, low fat or just plain eww.
veggies - mixed frozen are great and easy, any and everything else is good too.
lean red meat.
whole wheat wraps.
whole wheat toast.
natural peanut butter.
unsalted mixed nuts.
almonds are super clean.
rice and if you have time brown is a little higher in protein.
wild rice.
cottage cheese,
ricotta cheese.
whole wheat pasta with tomato based sauce.
selection of reasonably healthy pre-made microwaveable meals (for when you are a little lazy)
shrimp but go easy due to cholesterol.
whole wheat cheerios.
u need sleep too
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