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Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
Hmm...sounds like a plan. Never thought of that nor heard of that. I think I'll try and give it a go starting in a couple a month or so when school isn't being so stressful. As I stated earlier in the thread, my main problem is consistency. Unfortunately that's a big deal so that's also somehting I need to work on. My trainer recommended pretty much the same things you listed in your diet, except with the allowance of a few other things. I try my best.

To be honest though, my performance is unsatisfacory in my eyes. I've been working out forever, so I've got the muscle. I just lack the tone. In fact, the before pictures that you posted are somewhat similar. A touch chubbier, but more or less the same thing. I've been dying to lose the extra layer.
if motivation is what you need, theres nothing better than a little friendly "competition"...its what i always turn to when i feel like im losing my motivation...its basically 2 or more people within the same height/weight range setting a time period in which they can see a number of things...the competition can be anything from who lifts the most at the end, who has added/lost the most weight at the end, or who looks the best at the end...i usually go with the last one