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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
That is another topic of discussion as they may claim that your views and my views are completely misguided. Seems to me that (politically or religiosly) you believe that anyone who does not support what you believe in is "misguided"...

I had a friend (moved back to Europe) that NEVER took a medicine in his life. Every time he got sick, from fever to common cold, he just rode it and never went to the doctor. Never had any issues with it... Who knows, maybe our body can fight it without putting $$$ in someone else's pocket...
I had a poor choice of words here. Let me rephrase. It is not part of Christian belief to not accept medical treatment. Perhaps there are Christians somewhere who would refuse treatment based on Christianity, but it is not a valid objection for a Christian. Christian Scientists are not Christian (I don't think they even claim to be... or do they?).

Maybe I should rephrase that again, trinitarian Christians (those who accept the doctrine of the trinity) do not object to medical treatment. There may be some who would, but citing their faith to justify that is not part of any trinitarian Christian faith I have ever heard of. I would suggest not being concerned about such a thing unless we were discussing Christian Scientists and maybe some other faith.