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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
I support it in theory but ignore it in practice.

Before you know it, he will implement "prayer medical system".
You get sick, you pray. By the way, how come God lets sick babies die everyday???
Originally Posted by e90im View Post
And, NO, I will not vote for a religious freak, that believes literally in bible.
Because Jesus might whisper in his ear to attack Iran.
Didn't you say before that you aren't supporting anyone until it is down to one candidate per party? Don't you have a feel for whom you would want to win that slot?

I am not prepared with an answer for you about why babies die. Most Christians would not claim to have all the answers. We just have most of them.

BTW: your assertions about Christians attitude toward medical treatment is wrong. It sounds like you equate Christians with Christian Scientists. They are the ones who won't take medical treatment. They are completely misguided.