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Originally Posted by Jaws View Post
I know of no one who has had to seek medical attention outside the country. Not to say that it doesn't happen, but if it does happen it is usually covered fully by the government or the patient was seeking non-approved care (ie experimental cancer treatment in Mexico). But I am sure that all US governments also look after their citizens and that everyone has access to treatment. I am also sure that insurance companies would never deny coverage to those that have pre-existing conditions and that no one's health would ever be put at risk by having to wait for an insurance company to approve coverage. I'm sure your co-workers have queried you regarding health treatment, because you certainly seem to know your stuff.
Overall, I'd take our system of the Canadian helthcare system, any day, all day long. At NO point have I said ours is without its flaws. The biggest flaw in our healthcare system is the inability of people to be responsible for their own actions.

The issue of cost must be addressed in the US healthcare system, and the government is not in the position to address this directly. The VA medical system is one of the worst run institutions in the country. We don't need to turn the rest of our system into a VA type system, which is exactly what we'll have. If we want to fix medical costs in this country we first must address tort law, and then move on from there. When you take the attorneys out of medicine, the costs WILL come down.

I don't beleive that everyone should have equal access to the most expensive, most advanced, least proven treatments available. I beleive in a basic level of care for all, and more advanced, expensive treatment if someone wants to pay for it. If someone has made a lifestyle choice that results in poor health, in no friggin way should I have to pay for their choices. If they want to pay, great, go for it.

I don't believe in entitlements, and I believe a government run healthcare system will stiffle innovation.

Yes, my coworkers do call me with questions, and share medical info I don't want to know and ask questions I really don't want to know about, and seek advice on specialists. I do "know my stuff". There's a reason for that.

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