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Originally Posted by TurboFan View Post
Yes, people in the US do seek experimental treatment, or treatment that has not passed FDA approval.

But Canadians are comming across the border every day to obtain medical care here in the states that is supposed to be available in Canada. I lived in Detroit for years, and counted a hospital CFO as a close family friend. He loved the Canadians constantly coming across the border and paying full rate for any numbers of procedures, tests and scans.

I'm sure you don't see many in FL, but up here in the great white north....we see quite a few. My co-workers in Canada have even querried me about coming here for care they can't get in Canada any time soon.
I know of no one who has had to seek medical attention outside the country. Not to say that it doesn't happen, but if it does happen it is usually covered fully by the government or the patient was seeking non-approved care (ie experimental cancer treatment in Mexico). But I am sure that all US governments also look after their citizens and that everyone has access to treatment. I am also sure that insurance companies would never deny coverage to those that have pre-existing conditions and that no one's health would ever be put at risk by having to wait for an insurance company to approve coverage. I'm sure your co-workers have queried you regarding health treatment, because you certainly seem to know your stuff.
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