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RWD only.
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btw, my mom's ex boyfriend (who we're still good friends with fortunately...more on why that's a good thing in just a bit) has a facelifted 350Z in that dark silver with whatever the high end trim is. Love the wheels and the powerbulge, and the steering is great, but the car sounds like a coffee grinder on the inside imo, and the straightline performance is good, great even, but not what my butt dyno says is on par with the 335i. That's just me though.

Anyways, he's a Nissan nut, and only just recently sold one of 2 300Z's. One was a 300ZX. He traded the 300ZX in for the 350Z. He's going to trade the 300Z for the new GT-R. He's sixth in line for one at the dealer! omfg can't wait to drive it. He said he was gonna let me lol. He actually let me drive his 350Z for 120 miles the day he got it! Talk about trying to score brownie points with my mom lol. Hopefully I get to do the same with the GT-R. If I do I'll be sure to get an assload of pics and tell everyone my opinion on it.

He was gonna put a blower on the 350Z but then decided that that's what the GT-R's for. He also drives a 7 lol...but it's an ugly one...pre-facelift 745i in a weird brown color. He hates it. So do I.
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