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Originally Posted by JerezBlue! View Post
There MUST be an easy way to keep these as new. I mean I have seen used cars (M3s, M5s, M6s) with pristine tips!

Obviously, I understand that they will become black in between cleans but when I was told that they just get black over the years I had to post.

Please can you guys just confirm whether it is possible to keep them as they should be kept and also what the best product is to do this?

Many thanks.
When I lived in Ireland, I used Autoglym Metal Polish - it works phenomenally, and is widely available. I still have not found a metal polish to better it, at any price! Just make sure you use a soft cotton cloth (microfibre is even better - not the cheap crap you can purchase widely, but as at so you don't scratch the finish.

Hope this helps! Here's a pic of my exhaust tips - quick, 15 minute job - and this is my 2002 M3!: