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Originally Posted by ArmyBimmerDude View Post
Yeah, I think thats what I heard when I was in H.S.

"If you can't bench your weight once, you're weak" which in my opinion is true. Any guy should be able to do it one time.

Oh and I just did one rep of 270lbs. Not going any higher cause I havent exercised in 2 months. lol

Anyway, the core exercise more important to me are squats. You'd be amazed at the gains you make if you suck it up and do them.
Quoted for truth!

But ya gotta be smart in how you do them. I see so many guys, younger and older, that have no idea what they are doing. My knees ache just watching them.

I've just started back into them after taking years off for knee injuries. Too many years of doing parallel/catcher-squats with 3x my body weight. Now at 32 the cartilage in my knees is crap and my knees hurt everytime the weather changes. I've resorted to hack squats with my feet together on a power rack. Not a "real" squat in my book, but w/o 2 knee reconstructions / replacements, it's the closest I'm gonna be able to get.

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