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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
To be honest, you don't fit the demographic BMW is targeting for the M3 anyways from what I've heard. Most M3 owners like it being understated and not overly flashy.
That may well be true...but it's a little ironic considering that I drive an M3. I just want the same tough looks with the E92 as with the E46, and it seems that BMW has really softened their look.

It's small degree of difference in aesthetics from the normal 3-series is a traditional trait of the car. Just a very simple CLEAN looking car. While the Pshop M3 you posted above may be "cool", all those fins and vents are not clean looking. Clean is the future my friend!
Clean and modern is great...just not boring! They really softened up the look of the's not as fender flares...and a big smiling front air dam instead of the one on the E46 that looks like it is going to swallow up whatever is in its path. They've made it very "metro," if you know what I mean. This version is by far the most bland looking...earlier versions, dating back to the E30 were much wilder, IMO.
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