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Originally Posted by ArtPE View Post
I was semi-joking

Audi makes some nice machines...
old RS6

but I'm biased, I do believe BMW is only surpassed by Porsche in the engineering of HiPo machines...discounting the excess, Lambo, Ferrari, etc.

but a well driven M car can hold it's own with almost anything
I think one of the reason Porsche is so good is that they are even more conservative than BMW in their design and engineering philosophy. They come out with a product (i.e. 1st gen Boxster) and then refine it and refine it and refine it. They don't scrap the whole car and begin from scratch, because in doing so you lose both the good parts of the old mechanicals and design and the potential to create a long-standing design statement (i.e. 911). BMW was evolutionary in their designs up until the most current "Bangle" generation.

Porsche, however, is sometimes frustratingly evolutionary and dogmatic about their approach, such as holding back the Cayman so it does not eclipse the 911. Given that, at the end of the day, a company's success has much to do with its profits, their approach is obviously working. I just think they are missing an opportunity to build a Club Sport Cayman that has 355 HP, costs the same as a 911S yet is a more focused performer.
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