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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
1) Another "educated" approach to solution -- leave if you don't like it. Basically saying -- I don't care about my own children's future as long as my republicans sit in the WH...

2) THe propaganda of O'Riley has brainwashed you all the way... Then explain me and others you mentioned above why did the oil companies have RECORD profits on order of $10B/quarter -- more than any other US corporation EVER... How is that justified that they are just doing honest business, but their profits are the size never seen before. Yep, they do care about us. How about the quarterly profit of $5B/qt and price of gas <$2/gal?

Use your brain next time you make any comment...
Yes, use your brain. It's capitalism. I love it. We still have the cheapest gas in the industrialized world.

You don't like the inflation we are seeing? So do you know the number one driver of inflation right now, and for the past 10 years? China. Number 2? India.

They are consuming raw materials at such a rapid rate it's driving prices up around the world, in everything from guns to butter. Add to that the energy consumption, and there goes your gas prices. Simple supply and demand is dictating oil prices. Is there a problem with a company reaping a reward for its investment? Oil companies have spent hundreds of billions of dollars developing the energy infrastructure of this world. Yes, they are making a killing. If they have any brains at all, they'll realize the oil won't flow for ever and they're plugging money into R&D for other energy sources. I doubt they are, but I don't think many large public companies have much collective intelligence.

BTW, do you know who started the China and India movement at it's current level? Clinton.

Why do we have such a weak dollar? The US in not a desireable place to invest right now. For many reasons. But that weak dollar is helping our export business.

*edit* let me explain the profit.....pump oil from the ground in established fields....sell at record prices.....any other questions?

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