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Originally Posted by AWD Addict View Post
It's not Fox news. Whether it's Hillary's massive national health care plan, or any other Democrat's expanded social program initiatives, they all included increased taxes on Americans. Look at how they expect to fix our dying social programs like Medicare and Social Security. Rather than fix the broken programs, they just throw more money at them.

That plus the fact that liberals want to engineer a class system (which is the scariest, orwellian proposal I've ever seen) by taxing one class to support another and "save" or "preserve" yet another is the most anti-american act I've ever seen.

This government wasn't created to force one class to pay for another, or to manufacter and work for certain classes at the expense of others. Take a Constitution Class.

Keep Socialism out of America, and vote Republican. They're not perfect, but at least they're not chasing a political structure that has ONLY failed on this earth since it's inception. That's why I think Liberals are blind. How many times does Socialism have to wreck a society before they figure out it doesn't work?
WOW, a complete nonsence!
Tell us how the healthcare system has failed ANYONE in Canada, UK, France, Serbia, Croatia... Please explain it to us.
I will give you 40M examples on how our healthcare system failed our own people.

You heard that word -- Socialism, but have no idea what it really is and just jkeep throwing it around. Stop it -- you sound stupid (this is all from someone who lived for 15 years in the Socialist society...)