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Originally Posted by Rips335iCoupe View Post
Oh, and e90im instead of putting a democrat in the White House, just go and pay the IRS more taxes or move to Cuba or Canada to get your health care or boycott big oil if you think they are ripping you off at the pumps. And by the way, let me educate you a little bit the government makes more in a gallon of gas, through its taxes on gas, then does the oil companies. Maybe you and Neurorad should start watch the number one rated cable news network you would probably sound more educated then you do!
1) Another "educated" approach to solution -- leave if you don't like it. Basically saying -- I don't care about my own children's future as long as my republicans sit in the WH...

2) THe propaganda of O'Riley has brainwashed you all the way... Then explain me and others you mentioned above why did the oil companies have RECORD profits on order of $10B/quarter -- more than any other US corporation EVER... How is that justified that they are just doing honest business, but their profits are the size never seen before. Yep, they do care about us. How about the quarterly profit of $5B/qt and price of gas <$2/gal?

Use your brain next time you make any comment...