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Originally Posted by TahoeM3 View Post
Ha ha guys are've got an excuse for everything. The M3 has nice performance, but it isn't the end-all be-all of cars. My criterion isn't's aesthetics. I want a car that looks as good as it drives...I don't care what other people think...just what I think. I think the standard CLK is very bland also...there's a reason most people consider it to be a girl's car. The black series, based on the F1 safety car, is much tougher-looking. But no worries...I saw a 997TT just a little bit ago and remembered why I wanted it in the first place...absolutely gorgeous! I'll keep my E46 M3 for now and when the PDK comes out in '09 I'll go with that.

Although I don;t share the same tastes in cars with you, I am glad to see someone who knows what they wasn't. I'm tired of all the post where people are asking the forum to decide what color combo to get. (this is not that same as some of you who merely ask for advice) Some people have become mindless Zombies, for independent thinkers.