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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
Yeah you're right. Anyway that's a resolution of mine: Praising Audi for their achievements.

Today: FSI
Kudos to Audi for inventing such a great system.

Best regards, south
A nice resolution south. And I know despite the sarcasm there is always a bit of truth in every sarcasm. Hey - at least they are both German!

E: One enormous part of the equation of who is ahead is IMO who releases it first. You guys should all know I like M>>S, RS, etc. but they still make great cars and in some ways are ahead of BMW. DSG is the other example. M-DCT is probably going to be better than DSG, is it better that they "waited" (or developed more) a bit. However this only means they are more conservative, not ahead. Audi's DSG system is by the way good enough to be hailed as a revolutionary transmission. M-DCT will be polish on Audi's (Borg Warner's...) innovation.

Seems to be a theme with Audi vs. BMW Audi was first with AWD, DGI, DSG, etc. then BMW comes a bit (or by choice much) later and likely better. I'm sure there are many other examples from those who have followed the history of each brand better than I.
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