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Originally Posted by AWD Addict View Post
The issues they bicker about don't matter. The middle class, abortion, "creating jobs" (lol, i love that one). are all a distraction.

The real issues that matter, like the insolvency of Social Security, the growing Socialist approach to medicine, and completely borked accounting system of the Fed, will limit American freedoms more than the last 100 years combined. You don't hear about any of that in the stump speeches though. It's not emotionally charged enough to appeal to the average American. It's not exciting enough. It's not sexy or scary. It's also largely over America's head.

That's why we listen to people like Obama speak so passionately about absolutely nothing with interest. He speaks so well, but just states huge generalities and nicities, and America responds positively. Listen to him speak. It's not just him either. 90% of our candidates don't actually talk about anything. "I'll fight for the middle class" "Change we can believe in" "A new era of leadership"

WTF does all that mean? LOL It's a goddamned circus side show, and we're all completely enamored by it.
I pretty much agree with you on this statement.

Where the greatest differences can be seen is not what you get on television. It is through reading information about policy positions. It is by reading other peoples careful analysis of the guy's record. It is by using some discernment. In some things you can read between the lines.