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Originally Posted by Neurorad View Post
Wake up. Nothing will change, regardless of who is elected. You'll get out of bed, shower, go to your crappy job, work, come home, and sit in front of the TV/PC/XBox. In 6 years, we'll be invading another country, ignoring poverty, paying little money to shitty teachers, praising corporations, and eagerly idolizing the next shitty celebrity. By necessity, all politicians are lying sacks of shit. They're all the same person. How much will your life change if Huckabee is elected and not Obama?

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Those Obama and Huckabee marks should be closer together.
I don't think they are anywere near that close on the issues. Maybe we should put together a point-by-point comparison. Without a doubt there will be lots of these comparisons if in fact these two candidates win their party nominations.

Obama is nowhere near the center. He is a long way toward the liberal side.