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Originally Posted by uriel13 View Post
hi Savage
I'm from Italy too...and I leave near Verona...
very beautifull your video...which is the montain that you have downhill??

If you want see an Italian "style" E90post forum let's give a look here

my name is Uriel13
Hi Uriel,
I wrote untill two months ago on that Forum. The mountain's name is Corno D'Aquilio. It connects Fosse to Peri.That is a road not too much known. Untill 3 years ago it was closen to the public trafic. Nice could be to have a friend that helps by radio telling if there are some cars arriving in the other direction.It is narrow and in some parts in this period there could be ice. The rate of climb or descend like you prefer is always about 15-16%. But you never know if a car is arriving in the opposite
see you soon