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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
No need to discuss that again. That's the point you continue to complain about, but as I said already some time ago (which you called a fanboy comment): The kind of DI Audi has featured in the RS4 V8 doesn't provide much more improvement than having the FSI badge in the engine bay.
But hey it's a DI, and since DI is DI, yeah, you're right: Audi has it, BMW not.

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Well there is a reason if the questions are still unanswered. Do you expect me (or anyone) to believe that Audi added a fairly complex DI system for fun or for marketing as apposed to for efficiency and performance benefits? Highly doubtful. This is a system in a very confined space that required the modification of the head and combustion chamber - absolutely not small things. The car is producing a very good torque/l and I suspect DI has something to do with that. If the M3 had the tq/l of the RS4 it would have 307 ft lb, a full 4% better than it has now.

If you can not prove the Audi system is not good or only offers marginal benefit you shouldn't claim so.