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Originally Posted by UltimateBMW View Post
The e46 M3 GTR is a purpose built GT race car. Every fin, angle, and bulge on it is purpose built for downforce, speed, and air friction reduction. There is a clear difference between the e46 M3 and the e46 M3 GTR.

Which brings me to the next point that BMW's GTR car is not a M3 but rather a e90 sedan. Now obviously there is a e9X M3 GTR coming since that is one of the reasons for the production M3 to move up to a V8. But if the majority of poeple wanted those crazy fins, which for any type of street use are absolutely useless, then I'm sure they would have added them.

I'd imagine if you drove a M3 around that looked like the above picture then you would probably get a lot of looks from people wondering where the fire is your trying to get away from.
You're one would ever drive the GTR on the street...but I would drive the AMG black series which is a street car, yet is a lot more aggressive-looking than the M3. Of course, it's a limited-edition car for people with extreme tastes...the basic CLK appeals to the masses, as the M3 will. The PTG car was only posted to show that someone would do that to a BMW, not to suggest it is a streetable car. In the Porsche world, the GT3 and GT3 RS are very close to theie racecar counterparts...I'll have to wait to see what the CSL brings.

And yes the current GTR is based on the e90 sedan only because there was no M3 yet to base it on. Anyway, I guess BMW has gone too bland in the looks department for me...and the same could be said for the base I should stop trying to make it into something I want and just go for a 997TT, GT3, or something else.