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Originally Posted by gadget View Post
If you dislike the car's looks overall than go for the Porsche. I personally don't like the Porsche's looks (except for the really expensive ones)
Fair enough. I had been planning on doing that...almost dropped a deposit on a 997TT, but I'm going to hold out and see what happens on the M3 front. Obviously those are two very different cars, but I really prefer the layout of the M3 and if I'm going to get another Porsche I'm going to jump to the turbo. Going with the M3 would be a heck of a lot cheaper...doesn't give up a huge amount of performance but loses a lot in looks. I was impressed by the numbers and then I saw this body kit, which made me think there was hope. I want to like the M3, but I just cant get into the look. If it can be fixed, then I'll change my mind.
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