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Originally Posted by broken bimmer View Post
What's so great about it? he is driving slow in that video
Actually the camera really takes away alot of the speed you feel while driving. I've taken some amatuer mountain driving footage myself (its currently being edited and i'll post it up soon).

While your driving your just having fun, but not pushing the limit since you ARE on a mountain with a cliff by your side. Another aspect is that you can't really get a sense of the slope of the hill you are going down or up. It just looks flat in all the places that are not hairpins. I can guarantee you he wasn't going 'slow' he just also wasn't driving with a deathwish. His video was awesome for anyone that has been there and done what he has done here.

Originally Posted by savage.ulm1 View Post
Today I needed sometime for me…Alone. No parents, girlfriend, friends….around me.No telephone. No stupid sms with always the same wishes, copied and every year the same.... Only me and my car.
I had a meeting with her and I mean that I drove her for pleasure in a long trip. I had a videocamera. I had time. I was free and alone. Far from family. Far from the phone. I drove her and finally what I can say is…..what a car, my friends. What a dream…
I've done the same thing. Quite often actually during my last year at school up in NY. I had a nice mountain pass about 30 min east of my school I use to frequent.

I loved the video. You add so much to these forums we are lucky to have ya around. I look forward to seeing more videos from you!!! By the way, what are the specifics on the camera you got?