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Have any of you driven the car? You can argue all you want about the torque curve, keep in mind gearing, which no one has discussed, also affects drivability.

I've driven the car in town, stop and go traffic and on the autobahn. With every seat in the car occupied the M3 pulls very nicely, even from low rpm. Does it have big block Chevy torque? No, but no one is expecting that.
I found that even from 2,000 rpm the motor is very tractable and responsive.

Why don't you wait and drive it and then decide if all the debate about the level of torque, where it drops off, etc matters. The engineers have to make compromises and I think the BMW M philosophy of 500 cc per cylinder is the perfect displacement is suspect, but that's what they've chosen to do, and within those contraints the motor is a pretty spectacular performer.