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the torque of this engine is pretty well maxed out...but it doesn't's all about gearing...

for those who care:
peak T = (V x mep)/(4 x Pi) that simple

V = displacement
mep = mean effective pressure basically a function of the comp ratio and volumetric efficiency

T = HP x (5252/rpm)

for this engine HP ~ 52 x rpm/1000 is a close approximation for >3000 rpm:
check the curve, it's close...
it appears from the curve max HP will be 450-460 at 9000...taking eff into consideration...with different cams/etc.

T = (52 x rpm/1000) x (5252/rpm)

simplifying, rpm cancels:
T = 52/1000 x 5252 ~ 273 lb ft...

this tells me that you will be hard pressed to get more torque than it's rated 295...

also note from T = HP x (5252/rpm) as rpm increases the ratio 5252/rpm goes down, ie, torque decreases

by extending rpm's, they can extend the HP line, but it will still droop, so although they can extend the torque, it will not increase...

want more torque, get a bigger engine engine...or lower gears