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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
I don't claim to be a scholar. I accept the principle of the Trinitarian Godhead and it is a basic and inseparable concept that helps to define my faith. I could attempt to argue my beliefs with you, but I would need to understand where your beliefs differ, and then we would have to agree on what is scripture.
I totally agree. The fact is that muslims/christians/jews cant agree on what is scripture. What is proof to me isnt proof to you.

When it comes right down to the most important aspects of my faith, it is that I love God and I love my neighbor (both friends and enemies). That love includes attempting to nurture the spread of Christian faith. This should never be through intimidation, but kindness.
When Allah tells us to come to common terms between ourselves, this is what he is talking about. These are the grounds that we can share because we both believe in kindness, loving our neighbour etc.

My faith may be different than yours. My God may be the same God. I think that Christian, Jew, and Muslim all enjoy the blessings of the God of Abraham. Abraham became many nations.
I agree that we believe in the SAME god. It's just that we have different scriptures and this has led us to believe in different concepts of God.