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Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
it means for all your blatting about wanting evidence you still can't overcome your bias against the GT-R
No, it means exactly what I said and only what I said - the times as quoted in the review are not an appropriate comparison and that is all it means, period. What you are doing is purely inventing things you think my post means. Talk about prejudice.... I'll say it again, as I have for the 15 millionth time, the GT-R is an amazing car, contains cutting edge tech. and offers an unheard of price to performance ratio. A truly "terrible bias" I have against the car. You need to learn the definition of healthy skepticism a standard approach in any reasonably scientific method or approach.

Furthermore there is no new evidence of anything in this article. This single piece of very old evidence tells us nothing about many of the variables/uncertainties and reasons for skepticism mentioned by many folks. Nor does it address the fact that most N'Ring times, and to many the only "official" N'Ring times, are those from Sportauto with Horst driving.

gbb: What you call "apples to apples" is clearly a fantastic apples to apples type of test. But such tests will almost never happen so you have to take the next best and the next best is a production (NOT pre-production factory car) car driven by Horst.